IAPSS - Intelligent Active Power Saving System

The 3 key drivers of energy and cost reduction:

  • Stabilised voltage at lower level (e.g. 210v instead of 240v)
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Removal of spike, surges and harmonics

The direct finanical savings of installing one of these systems varies from between 10% to 35%.

Principal financial considerations are initial cost and amortisation period

Payback time for a small business, up to a large commercial site (shopping mall) and medium sized factory is
1-3 years, depending on load types, and energy tariffs in place.
Older lighting systems (fluorescent and vapour) typically show reductions of 35%.
Savings from installing LED lighting would be around 10%, but the lamp protection afforded by the IAPSS system
reduces future maintenance and replacement costs.



The Vacuum Cleaner Example:

These machines have to safely operate from 207 V to 253 V to meet supply tolerances across Europe.
A 900W rated cleaner (240V, 3.75A) operates with similar efficiency across the whole voltage range.
Setting the voltage at a steady 215V instead of using the rough 240V mains is practical and realistic.

The billed power consumption will be almost 20% LESS!

Long-term savings are additional profit

Significant side benefits:

  • Elimination of spikes, surges and harmonics avoids premature failure or special maintenance.
  • Running at optimal (lower) voltage saves energy and enhances equipment life-time.

Over 13,000 systems of this innovative design have been installed worldwide

Both leasing and operating and finance are available from many companies. All good building services engineers will advise their clients to invest in these systems, following ESOS assessment.
A powerful client software for logging remotely or locally creates detailed information about energy performance and savings. This makes it easy to meet the 4-yearly updates.

The unique control technology of the IAPSS (Intelligent Active Power Saving System) reduces mains input power voltage to save energy, reduce cost.
Reducing energy costs also benefits the generating companies; it allows them to distribute power more efficiently, lessening the need to spend more on grid infrastructure. With reactive loads (e.g. fluorescent & vapour lights), savings can be up to 35%.
These figures can be demonstrated from numerous case studies.

Which system is suitable for me?

IAPSS-TX | For reactive lighting systems | 20 to 45% savings

IAPSS-TK | Industrial kitchens, fast-food outlets, retaurants | 12 to 20% savings

IAPSS-TC | For chillers, air conditioning systems | 12 to 20% savings

IAPSS-GP1 | Mixed loads, offices, government buildings | 12 to 20%


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