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SakerSafe for Mobile Phones

If your mobile phone conversations are private and confidential then you need SakerSafe. It is the highest level of peer to peer hardware based encrypted voice security on the planet.

It works with off-the-shelf Windows Mobile and Android smartphones and tablet PCs with a 3G/3.5G/4G, Wi-Fi or WiMax data connection.

SakerSafe is the cost effective solution for federal, state or local government and departments including police, child protection and many more that require secure and confidential communication. It is also ideal for commercial confidentiality, businesses of any size from multinational corporations to small partnerships can now benefit from secure telephone calls.

Social calls that you don't want intercepted by the Paparazzi or snoopers can now be simply protected by SakerSafe. Your secure group can be from as little as two people to thousands of people in different countries all over the world.

For the technically minded it is a VoIP network solution where each data packet is simply encrypted/decrypted by an AES 256 algorithm on the SD Card. Nothing is processed in the mobile device.
The secure SD card supports "in-chip" operations of AES-128/256, RSA 2048, SHA-256 and key exchange. The chip is CC EAL 5+ certified and the encryption module is certified by NIST in the USA, other certifications pending.

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